As a writer Gwen Kingston tackles questions of power, privilege and protest, with a focus on excavating the stories of historically silenced communities. She holds BAs in Theatre, Performance Studies and Linguistics from UC Berkeley and an MFA in Acting from Brown/Trinity.

Past Perfect

1F (20s), 1M (20s)

In this dark dramedy adult brother and sister Toby and Liz struggle to deal with the aftermath of their father's suicide, and to competently navigate the intricate, and sometimes arbitrary, death rituals of WASP culture.

FIT: An American Eugenics Play

In 1927 the Supreme Court upheld the decision to forcibly sterilize Carrie Buck, a supposedly "feeble-minded" woman of 20. As recently as 2010 female prisoners have been sterilized in this country without their consent. This historically inspired play explores who holds power over women's bodies and whom our society deems fit to procreate.

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