Gwen teaches Vinyasa classes in both Brooklyn and Manhattan. 

Open to all experience and skill levels, her classes are designed to empower students to take ownership over their practice and cultivate a deeper understanding of the Asanas. 

Students are guided through a rigorous physical practice with attention to the mythological underpinnings of the Yoga tradition.

Gwen has taught regularly at Brown University and Yoga to the People.


She holds 200 hr certifications from YogaWorks and Yoga to the People.

Gwen also takes private clients.

From Gwen - Finding The Mat

"The first time I went to a Yoga class I spent the whole thing in Child's Pose. 

I am not a naturally flexible person and I had to work really hard at things that seemed easy for those around me. Ultimately, this has made me a better teacher. A regular Yoga practice is not about twisting yourself into difficult shapes, but about building flexibility and strength, and challenging yourself every time you get on the mat. If it's easy, then there's more you could be putting into it: more effort, more breath, more awareness.


I began a regular practice in Berkeley, CA in 2011. More than anything, Yoga has taught me that just because something is hard, doesn't mean you shouldn't do it anyway."


- Gwen

From Students

“What I love most about Gwen’s classes is how down to earth she is. During the hardest parts of a flow, she manages to acknowledge the difficulty of the moment but also encourage you to push further into your practice... all with a smile and often a witty joke. Her classes push you without being absurd, calm you without being preachy and you’ll  always walk away feeling energized and happy!”

-Laura Payne, student - Brown University

"Gwen is an exceptional instructor. I am drawn to her classes not only because of her natural grace and mastery of the practice, but because she creates a supportive and easeful environment in which I feel both safe and encouraged to challenge myself."

-Julia Atwood, student - Yoga to the People


"I love love love taking class with Gwen- she’s amazing with adjustments, and her sequences are SO GOOD! Do yourself a favor :)"

-Maggie Mason, student - Brown University

"I turned to yoga to balance out heavy weightlifting--my first exercise passion. Gwen has made me enjoy the challenge of yoga as much as the challenge of the weightroom! She is intuitive, attentive, and versatile. She clearly spends a lot of time thinking about how different bodies encounter yoga, and I am grateful for it. I leave my sessions with her feeling challenged, exercised, AND restored. Thanks Gwen!"

- Will Turner, private student

"Gwen is especially skilled at cuing. She always finds specific, active language to guide us in and out of each pose. She pays close attention to every student, and it’s clear how much she enjoys teaching. I love Gwen’s classes!"

- Lucy Van Atta, student - Brown University

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